In the Cradle of Freedom

Hello from our Nation’s Capital!

I had every intention of writing this last night, but after only two hours of sleep, delayed flights and nearly getting lost (I walked too far away from my car and had a hard time finding it after dark) I was too tired to think straight. But here I am now!

There had originally been plans to have a concert Monday evening to kick off this conference, but apparently scheduling issues made that impossible, so there will be different performances throughout the day today instead. In fact, there’s so much happening today that I’m not sure how I will take enough of it in!

Since there wasn’t a concert last night, that left me with some free time. So I decided to go ahead and try to see some of the sights. First of all, finding a place to park wasn’t as easy as I thought. But I finally followed some signs and found a parking lot very near the Franklin D. Roosevelt monument. It was late enough in the evening that there weren’t quite as many people around, the temperature of the air was perfect, and strangely, I felt very at home.

Now, I’m not so naive as to think that any man is perfect. (I learned that lesson big time after trusting the leadership of the FLDS.) But I do firmly believe that there are those who have put a great effort into doing the best they could to make us free. I am grateful for all who have lived and died for my freedom, and especially grateful that I am finally in a place in my life where I’m actually enjoying the freedom I was intended to.

It may sound strange to some of you, or maybe even all of you, but I feel very close to those who have fought for the freedom of others. I feel like in some small way I am doing my part. They are behind me and on my side, and I feel their hope and spirit as I walk the grounds of their monuments. We’ve come a long way, and yet there are ways in which we still have work to do.

There’s not real freedom until we’re all truly free.

I will post more tonight, but I’ve got to get on my way to the Summit now. The list of speakers is impressive and I don’t want to miss a single minute of it!




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