The Start of an AMAZING day!

Today was the main day for the United State of Women summit. I got up really early, gathered up my stuff and headed out.

As I walked out the front door of the house where I’m staying, the air was cool and fresh. It certainly felt like a glorious day to make changes!

I set my phone GPS to take me to the parking garage and headed out on my way. Radio turned up, I drove along roads that look like you’re driving through a park. Everything so green, so lush and beautiful.

As I was admiring all the greenery, a memory came flooding back of Warren Jeffs teaching us that the land had once been flat, but at the time of the great destructions at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion the mountains had been heaved upwards. He said that after the great destructions that were about to be upon us the land would go back to being flat. I remember feeling very disappointed – I had always loved the mountains and the thought of life without their lush beauty seemed sad. BUT. I think that what I really loved was the greeness. The lush growth. Not so much the cliffs and rocky crags.

If everything could always look like a park, like this place, I don’t think I’d miss the mountains so much.

As I got into the congested city my thoughts were, of necessity, focused on my driving and trying to find the parking garage where I had reserved and pre-paid for a parking space. This turned out to be no easy task. When my GPS said I had arrived I was in the middle of an intersection. I had to circle the block twice before I could actually pull in. I must say. Driving in the main D.C. area is not the kind of adventure I enjoy.

I parked, grabbed my purse and started walking! I was only about two blocks away from the convention center so it wasn’t a long walk. When I reached the building there was a line from the front doors, down the sidewalk, and around the corner. I took my place in line and half listened to the chatting of the women around me, and half listened to the seemingly endless honking of impatient drivers, while secretly wondering how so many women could walk in those extremely high heels like they were wearing sneakers? Maybe when my ankle is healed better I should try some. It might give me a nosebleed considering the altitude I’d gain!

Once inside there were more lines – we had to go through a security check point, get our bags looked through, and pass the metal detectors. Down to the lower level where we got into more lines, sorted by the first letter of our last names, where we registered and got our badges and canvas bags.

They were serving a continental type breakfast, but I just went in to the main session room – a huge room filled with round tables, with blue table cloths, and ten chairs around them. A seemingly endless sea of people and tables. There was a large stage at one side, and a stand in the center of the room with the cameras, etc.

I wanted to sit as close to the stage as possible, but the front tables were reserved for different organizations, so I found what I thought was my next best option (since tables were filling up fast) and took a seat. This was about the exact moment when I realized that I had forgotten to bring in my notebook, and although I carefully packed my camera into my purse, the batteries for it were in my backpack in the trunk of my rental car. UGH!

I dug around in my purse and found a folded up paper and took very, very tiny notes on it. But I also had my program booklet that I utilized to underline names and add stars and short notes of who I’d like to contact for which topics. (It all worked out okay in the end. I just thought I’d tell you in case you were worried.)

It still surprises me sometimes how out of place I can feel. I can go from feeling like a million bucks and like there’s nothing in the world that can stop me to feeling like a little 5-year-old girl who just wants to climb underneath the table and hide from everyone. This started to feel like one of those times. I suddenly felt like a stranger in a room full of people who knew each other. People who were mostly there in a more professional capacity. It took me a minute, but I took a deep breath, sat up straight, straightened up my crown and put on a smile. THIS was too great an opportunity to waste fear on.

I’ll write up more posts to share the information and topics of the summit.




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